Parenting Plans & Access Schedules

Parenting Plans & Access Schedules in Ontario

Parenting Plans are generally incorporated into a separation agreement however they can be drafted independently. The purpose of a parenting plan is to outline a parenting regime for your children as well as an access schedule that works well for both parents. Parenting plans are often mutually agreed upon by both parties through negotiations that aim to incorporate the best interests of the children. Parenting plans are thus essentially a domestic contract that incorporates provisions including a custody and access regime, a holiday access schedule, as well as parenting guidelines and a dispute resolution clause in case the parties could not come to an agreement with respect to a provision in the parenting plan.

What is generally included in a parenting plan include provisions regarding the parental decision making process, which parent shall make authoritative decisions pertaining to the children's education, religion, and health, which parent shall be responsible for the transportation of the children, which parent shall maintain medical and dental benefits for the children, whether telephone and email access is a possibility for the parent with which the children do not reside at the time, as well as provisions regarding child support and special and extraordinary expenses.

Stanley Family Law places a significant amount of time negotiating, drafting, and reviewing parenting plans for our clients. We thus offer our expertise as to how relevant legislation and caselaw applies to the provisions of the agreement and whether the parenting plan is fair and reasonable given the circumstances. Our job is to ensure that our client receives an equitable agreement. If we are of the opinion that your agreement is not in your best interests or is not in your children's best interests then we will attempt to improve the terms by way of further negotiations until a resolution can be made.