What We Offer

Stanley Family Law offers a broad range of family law services including the drafting of domestic contracts, parenting plans, access schedules, the negotiation of child related issues including child support, custody, and access, as well as other related issues pertaining to separating or separated couples including spousal support, exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, the division of property, and divorces.

A Few Words About Stanley Family Law

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Stanley Family Law is a law firm that is dedicated to providing quality legal services at a reasonable and affordable rate. Our main objective is to provide our clients with high quality representation and dedicated personal service. We thus take the initiative to prioritize our clients interests while working to attain resolutions that meet our clients demands.

Stanley Family Law has chosen to dedicate a significant amount of its resources to drafting agreements because we believe that the majority of separating couples can resolve their differences by way of a written contract. Provided that both parties are both willing and motivated to settle their matrimonial issues while remaining reasonable and fair we believe that much can be accomplished through negotiations and written agreements. We place a large emphasis upon settling disputes this way not only because it is in our clients best interests but also because it is the most cost effective way to create solutions that work for our clients.

Professional Expertise

Stanley Family Law specializes in the practice of family law. We work diligently on all matrimonial related issues including divorce proceedings, the division of property between married and unmarried spouses, child support, spousal support, child custody, child access, and the drafting of domestic contracts, parenting plans and access schedules.

Whether you are interested in obtaining legal advice in respect to a foreign divorce, a child custody dispute, or a separation agreement, Stanley Family Law specializes its legal practice in a broad variety of family related issues. Our experts are trained to assist you in any family law related issue that requires legal advice. To learn more about our areas of expertise simply click on the links to the left to find out more.

Experienced Negotiators

Stanley Family Law focuses to a large extent on negotiations between counsel. We firmly believe that experienced negotiators can obtain results. This is why our staff have both training and experience in the field of negotiating matrimonial issues. It is our prerogative to achieve results through negotiations and implementing the results in written contracts.

If you are interested in retaining representation that will place your interests first then Stanley Family Law is the right firm for you. Whatever the issues are it is our clients interests that are placed before all else. We strive to obtain the best results that we can for our clients and always take instructions directly from our clients before making any decisions that can affect the outcome of the negotiation.